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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's day is celebrated on 17th March,the day St Patrick died.
St Patrick was born in Britain. When he was a boy, he was kidnapped by pirates and sold as a slave in Ireland.
St Patrick's mission was to convert the Irish to Christiany. His mission lasted over 20 years in Ireland.
The Celtic druids did not like St Patrick.
There are no snakes in Ireland because St Patrick drove all the snakes into the sea where they drowned .
(It is a legend!)
On St Patrick's Day, you have to wear green clothes. If you don't wear green on St Patrick's Day,children pinch you !
The Leprechaun
 A leprechaun is a littke Irish fairy.
 A leprechaun is a shoemaker.
 A leprechaun hides a pot of gold.
 Leprechauns do not like being with people (they are unfriendly and they live alone).
 In order to find a leprechaun, you have to listen to the sound of his hammer.
If you stop looking at a leprechaun, he disappears.

Interactive game
 Try this funny game.